Norway Road Trip Coming Up!

Norway Road Trip Planning

by: Ian Grant [portfolio / contact]

Bring on the yearly epic road trip!  In September I’m leaving Seattle and headed back on Iceland Air [Seattle is a hub, sweet!], across the Atlantic, and to beautiful/cold Norway.  Apparently I have a thing for freezing countries as I’m heading even farther up the Arctic Circle from Iceland for a nice little driving adventure.

Norway Road Trip

Norway Road Trip

The plan right now is to fly into Oslo, and then jump on Norwegian Air Shuttle up to Harstad/Narvik Airport [rumored to have one of the top 10 airplane approaches in the world] on the Lofoten Islands– a stretch of super gorgeous islands.  Norway is surprisingly long and because it’s extremely mountainous, getting anywhere basically takes forever.  When we were looking at driving from Oslo, the distance was showing around 18 hours one way which was absurd if we wanted to do anything else.  Thankfully I found some $125 plane tickets, so the decision was quite easy.  We’re also staying in a town called Å.  That’s right, you read that correctly.

If you’ve found this page because you’re looking at heading up there yourself, a link I found incredibly useful was:

68 North – A great photographer who shoots almost exclusively on the Lofoten Islands who also posts some spectacular hikes around the area

You can see why we’re going way out of the way to visit this amazing place with this video below:

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Lofoten%20Islands”]

Norway Road Trip

Next up we’re heading down south to do a week of driving around in a big circle.  Nothing is ever in a straight line as I’ve found.  Mountains, fjords, there’s always something to slow you down which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Once we get out of Oslo, we’re heading up to HarDANGERvidda National Park, then up to the UNSECO approved Naeroyfjord Fjord, and the Jostedalsbreen National Park.

More fun details to come soon!

  • Mike - Do you have a link for the google maps! Were doing some driving out of Bergen and were curious of the spots to go to!

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