Lily vs. the Mud

With this month being the start of fall and all the goodness that comes out of that, we decided to head out and do some pumpkin picking.  Our current favorite stop is a place called The Farm at Swan’s Trail, a neat little farm by the side of a river with tons of activities for the kids.  Our intention of pumpkin picking quickly got squashed when a petting zoo, barn slide, and even better- a corn maze were spotted.  Pumpkins were going to have to wait.

Lily vs the Mud

Snohomish, WA
Lily – 2 Years 11 Months / Photography by: Ian Grant [book a family session]

Fall at the Farm in Snohomish WAForget coffee, these unbelievable doughnuts will get you going in the morning like no other.  I think I want to go back for seconds…now.

Fall at the Farm in Snohomish WA
Fall at the Farm in Snohomish WALily LOVES animals, so naturally petting zoos are her own personal heaven.  The Farm has tons of ducks, pigs, goats, and sheep wandering around aimlessly.  Lily befriended every last one of them.
Fall at the Farm in Snohomish WA
Fall at the Farm in Snohomish WA
Fall at the Farm in Snohomish WAFinally it was time to go for a tractor ride out to the corn maze where the real fun was to be had.

Fall at the Farm in Snohomish WA
Fall at the Farm in Snohomish WANow something that you need to know about Lily is she’s obsessed with water.  If there is a lake or puddle, there is no doubt that she will be in it by the end and soaked.  There really is no other alternate, it’s a 100% guarantee.  Sure enough, it had been raining a bit the night before, so the corn maze was a little damp and…

Corn MazeCorn MazeCorn Mazelily-vs-the-mud-13
Corn MazeThen came the real show.  Lily ran ahead of us and found a particularly swampy mud pit which she proceeded to throw herself in.  It really only took one slip for the damage to be done and then it just proceeded to get worse from there.  Not that we stopped her or anything, it was kind of amazing.  With all the chaos of being a parent, I’m convinced this is our reward.
Playing in the MudPlaying in the MudToddler Playing in the Mud

Toddler Playing in the MudToddler Playing in the Mud
So by this point it was time to wrap this mess up and somehow get home without biohazarding the car.  It wasn’t pretty, but we thankfully had an extra pair of clothes which became the sacrificial lamb to get the child home.  I still don’t know if we were able to get those pants fully clean, it was quite impressive.
Toddler Playing in the Mud
Toddler with Dad

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