2014 Family Postcard: Aliens

2014 Family Postcard

– Aliens –

What a great year we had.  Seattle is officially our home and we couldn’t be happier here.  In continuing the long tradition of elaborate holiday postcards, I present to you this year’s long awaited design.  The theme here is Aliens which is one of my all time favorite movies- getting to celebrate it with this postcard was such a treat!  I’ve actually wanted to do an Aliens one for a good long while and finally got around to making my dream card.  I’ve been talking about this one for months now!

I spent a lot of time designing Lily’s burnt up Newt costume complete with her bodiless Casey doll, but she refused to wear my grungy shirt, opting for one of her own. She was in an especially cranky mood that day.  The Aliens are from NECA who have been putting out fantastically detailed toys lately. Most of the characters were chopped up in Photoshop and then reassembled into more flexible positions than they normally would go into.

The background photo was from my Norway trip a year ago and the house was recycled from last year’s Gremlins postcard…except on fire, and exploding like it should be.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!
-Ian, Tanya & Lily

I give you this year’s 2014 Ian Grant Photography Holiday Postcard.

Aliens Movie Holiday Card

Aliens movie holiday card

There’s a lot going on in this one, so I’ve attached some details:

Lily finally got to be somewhat around Newt’s age, so we were ready for the big Aliens postcard happening.  I couldn’t have been more excited. While I was grunge’ing up her outfit she kept getting more and more upset. ‘Mommy is going to be really angry at you’ she said and kept getting more angry ‘Does Mommy know about this?  You’re going to be in big trouble’.  Then when it came time to lop off the head of her doll with an axe I had laying around she was even more angry at me.  I realized yea, that could be a little traumatic…haha.

Aliens Movie Postcard for the Holidays, Newt Cosplay

Tanya was originally going to be running towards Lily, but I realized putting her upside-down was far funnier.  I had to clone her hair so it looked like it was falling down.  The Queen was a composite of a few photos, plus the body being repositioned a bit.  I love this NECA sculpt, it’s kind of amazing.

NECA Alien Queen

For me, I’ve got my face pasted onto the body of Hudson, my favorite character in Aliens.  There was no way I could put together a marine costume that I was going to be happy with in such a short time.  Instead, I took the action figure and cleaned up all the seams and added a muzzle-flash and sparks.

NECA Hudson

Let’s not forget the Queen on a Big Wheel trike.  It’s the small things in life really…

Alien Queen riding a Big Wheel bike

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