2013 Family Postcard: Gremlins Moving Company

2013 Family Postcard

Gremlins Moving Company

It’s been a very busy year for us!  First we moved from Los Angeles to Seattle, lived in an apartment for 10 months, and ultimately bought a beautiful town-home north of the city.  Packing has officially claimed our life again.  The great news is now we’ve got 30 years to not go anywhere, so things can finally find their place and stay there.

For this year’s design we did the long awaited Gremlins photo!  Probably one of my all time favorite movies. It was a bit of a take off our ever popular 2009 family postcard from the bar scene in the first Gremlins movie.  Sensing a trend here?  Having Lily around to be in the cards now is a real blast.

I give you this year’s 2013 Ian Grant Photography Holiday Postcard.



There’s a lot going on in this one, so I’ve attached some details:


Since we’re moving to a new house, Tanya said it would be jinxing it if the house was on fire.  So a compromise was a Gremlin would be exploding out of a washing machine.  Fair, right?   The Gremlins with sticks on fire were a late addition and I think it’s hilarious!  All the Gremlins were shot with a NECA Flasher Gremlin with his coat cut off.  All the other Gremlins looked too ‘Gremlins 2’ so that was the easy choice.


The sad part about this postcard is at 4×6 you’re never going to see half the details put into the design.  I love how the Gremlin climbing the ladder has it propped on a pizza box with a couple slices.  Also, left of the pizza box is a pile of trash including a Massachusetts staple Shaws water bottle [where I’m from].



To get the Gremlins action figures to do unique stances and expressions required a little patience.  Photoshop’s puppet warp and liquify helped get them in positions beyond what their arms and faces would normally allow.  A few gremlins got their eyes and brows moved around and occasionally their mouths opened wider [and a second set of teeth popped in].

Finally once they were in place I went in and blended out their visible joints to make them look as natural as possible.  For a piece of plastic anyway.


I originally thought I’d be holding a bat in this photo, but it just didn’t fit ultimately.  So rather than reshoot it I separated my hands and puppet warped it into chainsaw wielding position.  Besides a chainsaw is a lot more fun.  It was great seeing how all the Gremlins fit together and how much personality you can put into a small lifeless little toy.


Lily wasn’t in a very ‘I want to be photographed’ mood when we did these, but she was game enough to give us a few workable images.  Unfortunately this came as I was setting up lights, so the photo you see above was shot very fast and not framed in any sort of way.  This meant in the image the top of her head got cut off, so I had to photoshop her scalp back on.  That was fun.  The boxes you see are actual boxes in our living room, complete with labels.

And finally I thought I’d attach a few ‘work in progress’ images so you can see how the photo editing progressed over time.

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