2011 Family Postcard: It Was a Long and Perilous Journey…

2011 Family Postcard

It Was a Long and Perilous Journey

You knew this year wouldn’t go by without a family postcard right?!  This year has been a bit crazy as we just welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Lily into this world [click the link to see daily photos of her].  Quite literally we haven’t slept and days have been blending into other days without me being able to remember one from another.  It’s quite surreal.  So we went out on a limb and hired a very talented illustrator to do the dirty work this year and give a formal welcome to our new favorite housemate.  Thank you Nicolas Chevaillier for a fantastic job and enjoy this year’s postcard!

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  • Kristy Rowe - I love this so much. There are no words. Adorable! Happy Baby!

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