Wedding Day Schedule: Getting Ready

Wedding Day Schedule: Getting Ready

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Wedding Day Schedule

Every time Ian and I look discuss a wedding day schedule with our clients, we always ask about getting ready.  Being able to photograph a bride or groom getting ready is a real treat – not only are the images laced with emotion (excitement, nerves, anticipation), but since most couples aren’t together during this moment it’s wonderful for the couple to be able to look back and see what their partner was experiencing.  Our getting ready photos are a personal favorite from our own wedding day, and when a couple has a tight deadline our personal advice is to have your photographer capture some of the getting ready portion while trimming time from the reception.

Getting ready at an Indian Wedding

What to Expect

Typically Ian and I like to arrive for the last hour or so of getting ready.  At this point hair is usually complete (or nearing completion) and makeup is beginning.  While makeup is underway we have the chance to capture some beautiful details – your shoes, dress, and flowers.  We recommend bringing both wedding rings to the bridal suite so we can take photographs of them before the day starts getting busy.

Bride at a hair salon

Laughing bride and bouquet

Bride Getting Ready in France

We spend the bulk of the getting ready time with the bride as she tends to be the star of the show and the groom (let’s face it) usually has a shorter process to get ready.  If the bride and groom are getting ready at the same location (a hotel, for example), we tend to do a quick visit to the guys during the hair and makeup portion of the getting ready session.  A good time for this visit is when the boutonnieres are being pinned or the ties are being put on.

Funny photo of groom putting on tieFunny photo of groom putting on tie

We rejoin the bride for putting on the dress.  It’s best for your attendants to be in their dresses at this point, as it looks best when everyone is in their wedding attire.  We are happy to be in the room the whole time the dress goes on, but if you’re a little more modest what we do is have you put the dress on and we step back for the final zippers or buttons.  It’s always a nice touch if someone close to you helps put on your final details, like your jewelry or shoes.
Bride being tied into dress

Quick Tips

-Though it’s common for a bridal suite to look like the contents of someone’s closet exploded, take a quick minute to de-clutter the room prior to the photographer’s arrival.  Having less mess in the room will allow more focus on you and your attendants in the images.  To that end, investing in a beautiful bridal suite at a hotel will pay off in beautiful photos

– Natural light is a favorite of ours as it’s flattering and it looks great.  If you can, have your hair and makeup artists set up shop near an open window.

Bride putting on sari– This may be your last chance to eat before the ceremony so grab a bite now.  Finger foods like nuts, grapes, and cheese make less mess and having some protein can tide you over until dinner.  Don’t forget to hydrate!  Take it from us, it’s no fun when someone passes out at the altar.

– Have a bag packed with anything you’ll need on the wedding day – reception flip flops, ring boxes, a change of clothes, etc. – and put one of your attendants in charge of getting the bag to the reception.

Wedding Day Schedule Getting Ready

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