Thank you Jesse and Miranda!

It was such a pleasure to shoot to shoot Jesse and Miranda a few weeks ago up in San Francisco.  I won’t get into details just yet [I’ll post their entry soon] but we just got one of the sweetest thank you notes in our email box.

Ian & Tanya,
Where do we begin?! The photos of our wedding are absolutely stunning! I truly can not thank you enough for what a spectacular job you & Tanya did. During the day you were so discrete. You never felt intrusive. And yet, when I look at the pictures, you seemed to have been up in every nook & cranny! Lol. How did you manage to be so inconspicuous but still catch every moment??

When we initially looked for our wedding photographer we wanted someone who could take gorgeous, contemporary photos. But, now that the big day is over with, we have a different perspective. You gave us SO much more than that. Not only did you meet our expectations in giving us amazing shots with great editing effects, but you caught memories & froze them in time. You caught little nuances & details that I didn’t even notice at the time (like the way my dad was hanging onto my arm and the expression on my mom’s face). And the emotions you caught. . . wow!!! That is the most meaningful to us.

I’m sorry to ramble on and on. But, we are just so grateful to you! We really feel so appreciative. Because, after the wedding we were trying to replay the day in our minds, then when we got your photos we saw that you had captured everything!!! Man, some of the photos look like they could be in a catalogue. Just BEAUTIFUL! And the colors! They were so vibrant; I don’t know what you did!!

I could go on forever. . . so I better end this somewhere, ha ha. We’ll refer you to others in a heartbeat & we wish you much success!! Give us a week or so to decide on which photos we want printed in the book. We’ll get back to you shortly.

-Miranda & Jesse

Thanks so much guys, and it was our pleasure!

  • Weddings on the Strand - Well said! Catching memories and freezing them in time. Poetic and descriptive.

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