Segerstrom Concert Hall Wedding

Segerstrom Concert Hall Wedding

Costa Mesa, CA

Nicolette and Ben / Photography by: Ian Grant [portfolio / contact]

Nicolette and Ben’s Segerstrom Concert Hall Wedding was a very memorable event for me, not just because it was an incredibly emotional wedding, but because we had a big day of our own around the corner.  When we first welcomed them as clients we had been thinking of bringing a child into our family, but who knows how long those things take right?  Well, Tanya managed to get pregnant rather quickly [uh, immediately] and our due date fell right around their wedding day.  This meant once November came, Tanya was prescribed bed rest and a good friend Robert came along to help out, and take over god forbid I get ‘that call‘.  Needless to say some fun emotions were already flowing that day when we arrived.

We got ready with Nicolette and Ben at the Westin South Coast in Costa Mesa, CA, located very conveniently next to the Segerstrom Concert Hall.  I absolutely love when couples get gorgeous rooms for getting ready, it lets me have a lot more options for great details and beautiful images of the inevitable early nervousness.  Nicolette choose a stunning flowing dress with intricate designs and paired with classic blue Louboutins.

One of my favorite things to photograph that pops up every so often is when people are preparing speeches for later in the night.  There’s something really great about seeing people try and put emotions down on paper, not to mention the time constraint involved.

Nicolette and Ben’s wedding took place at Saints Simon and Jude Church in Huntington Beach, CA.  The mariachi band incorporated into the ceremony was a super great touch.  So much fun!

Segerstrom Concert Hall Wedding

After a great ceremony we headed over to the Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall in Costa Mesa, CA.  The Concert Hall is encased in a waving wall of glass surrounded by brushed metal, an absolutely stunning modern building.  Nicolette and Ben used the fact of it being concert/play venue to do up their Playbill wedding theme.

I had a lot of fun getting to know Nicolette and Ben, they both have a very quiet warmth to them that just makes you love being around them.

Segerstrom Concert Hall WeddingSegerstrom Concert Hall WeddingSegerstrom Concert Hall WeddingSegerstrom Concert Hall WeddingSegerstrom Concert Hall Wedding

The SSegerstrom Concert Hall Wedding Venue really lets you have incredible angles you can’t get anywhere else.  We were able to shoot from the third floor up and still trigger flashes and get some unique shots.  A real treat for a photographer.

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You can see more of our Segerstrom Concert Hall Wedding work on our portfolio site



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