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Aaron and Irene / Photography by: Ian Grant [portfolio / contact]
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Saddlerock Ranch Wedding

Aaron and Irene are high school sweethearts whose love lead them all the way down the aisle.  From the time we met up for their South Pasadena engagement session, we couldn’t wait to shoot their wedding.  Not only are they a great looking, easy-going couple, they’re so much fun to hang out with.
We joined Aaron and Irene for their Saddlerock Ranch wedding out in the wilds of Malibu, California.  This venue is so cool – it’s quite literally a zoo!  In order to get to the location you have to drive past all sorts of cool animals like zebras and emus.  Not to mention, there are beautiful vineyards all over, which make for great photo ops!  Any venues where you feel like you’re leaving the city and heading out into the wilderness is ok in our book.

Irene Says:
“We got engaged in Napa, so we wanted to run with something that emphasized the outdoors and nature. Despite growing up in LA, we both attended college on the East Coast and learned to appreciate any rare sunshine and warmth that came our way– the second we saw Saddlerock, we knew that this would be the perfect place to share with our close friends and family, and emphasize our love for the outdoors and sun! ”

Aaron and Irene chose to do a first look, which is a great way to maximize the daylight and have a really special private moment.  The location happens to have a fantastic door out in the middle of the vineyard, so it was a perfect spot.  Afterwards the couple said their vows in a beautiful field, then partied the night away under trees hung with crystal chandeliers and lights.  Everything about the day was so pretty, and In the Now Weddings did a fantastic job with all of the details.  The vibrant purples totally pop and bring out the best in the venue.

“Logistically, trying to make such a large setting work with an intimate crowd and trying to figure out what to do with all the space was a little difficult – it was also harder to coordinate with vendors on moving things (i.e. there was a slight hill that needed to be trekked across to move things to).”

“I’d like to say that I loved planning, but I’m such a control freak that I think it sucked the joy out of planning…so for the sake of sounding optimistic, I will say…handing over the reins to my planner, Amanda Auer!”

“Some of our groomsmen are amazing singers (although shy) – they serenaded my bridesmaids as they walked down the aisle, and also sang when my dad and I walked down the aisle. To see some of our closest friends pull out all the stops for us was so wonderful and special to us.”

“The ringbearer walked down the aisle with a sign that said, “Run, Aaron, Run!” he was adorable and obviously had no idea what was going on, and dropped the sign before getting to the end, but the guests loved it!”

While shooting portraits out in one of the many fields some local horses decided to come investigate what all the commotion was about.  Simply sniffing around wasn’t enough and one of the horses decided to start munching on Irene’s gorgeous dress!  We all had a good laugh for awhile with that one- a new wedding first.

Irene Says:
My planner, Amanda Auer, put together some great wedding programs – she surprised us with some lavender that guests tossed as we walked back down the aisle. She did a great job with monogramming details and keeping everything consistent, with the dance floor, bar menu, and everything else – so consistent, that people were amazed by how classy the beer pong looked (with monogrammed cups and tables!) The signature drink menu was gorgeously done, as well as the directional signs for the guests – small details that were amazingly photographed by Ian!

Irene Says:
“I focused on incorporating our relationship into some smaller details. The escort cards and tables had cities that Aaron and I had visited throughout our 10 years together, dating all the way back to high school.”

“Aaron also always joked with me that he wanted a Beer Pong tournament at the wedding – to which, of course, I said no to, but secretly planned throughout the wedding process to surprise him as our wedding gift (in the classiest way possible, of course). When we exchanged our wedding presents and I gave him mosaic red solo cups, he looked completely bewildered until I told him that he would actually get his wish. Seeing the surprised look on his face made it all worth it! During the reception, I had organized some of his favorite beer pong partner in crimes to give a small toast – seeing the happiness in Aaron’s face was priceless; prying him away from the games after that was impossible.”

“At one point during the reception, Aaron stopped, looked around, and said, “Look at this – all these people are here for us. We’ll never get all the people we love in one setting like this again. How amazing is this?”

Aaron and Irene, we love you guys.  Thank you for including us in your unbelievably gorgeous Saddlerock Ranch wedding!

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