2008 Family Postcard: We Got Married


We just made our wedding postcards!  We can make some for you too! [www.distinctphoto.com]

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  • DENNIS - I know I’m your dad and all but you (and Tanya) keep impressing me with you talents and eye for just the right shot. You can say in one photo all that the day, and years to come, mean.
    I LOVE you BOTH.
    to both of you.
    (hope that’s ok with you Tanya.

  • Jongkyu Jeong - hi~! I’m Jongkyu Jeong who had interview last week from South korea. Actually, I was wearing a blue cap and black glasses. I hope you remember me.:)

    I’ve come to say great thank you for your favor.
    You are a real professional photographer who follows not only for beautiful pictures but also for beautiful world.:)
    We had so beautiful memories in our heart which is the reason why I say like that.

    I hope we meet again soon.
    and hope keep in touch~!

    Just visit korea, and let me be your tour-guide.:>

    Thank you~!

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