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Halloween Costume Year Two: Lily 'The Blue Goat' Grant

As you might remember from last year's Halloween costume, Lily has a taste for strange outfits.  Mind you, last year she only had a slight say in choosing her amazing 2 scoop ice cream get-up, but this year it was clear from the start.  She wanted to be a blue goat.

From easily 2 months out we asked her 'Lily, what do you want to be for Halloween this year?!' and she would simply answer 'A blue goat!'.  This was funny for a while until we realized she was completely serious.  She wanted a blue goat costume, and that was that.  I think her inspiration was the occasional goat herd drop-off next to her daycare whose job it is to mow the lawn.  That and her favorite color now is blue, though i think that just changed to purple.

Tanya thankfully is pretty qualified in creating such costumes and was able to get a cheap blue sweatshirt from Amazon and sewed up a nice tail, beard, as well as ears and horns.  Not too bad.  Lily was a little unsure of things when all was said and done, but when she saw her daycare buddies wearing theirs and realized she was going to get a lot of attention it was game on.

Halloween Costume Year Two: Lily 'The Blue Goat' Grant

Lily: 23 Months Old

Photography by: Ian Grant [portfoliocontact]

Halloween CostumeHalloween Costumelily-halloween-03lily-halloween-04

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