We're Back!

Well folks, we're finally back after a nice wakeup at 4:30 in the morning [France time] and a 3:00 in the afternoon get home [LA time / 20 hours later] so we're happy to be back. Still don't have our luggage as we finally found out they located it yesterday and its somewhere buried in the London airport. It's already been 8 days- that's a pretty long time to be without all your junk. While we were in Paris, we went to the ultra-exclusive Champs Elysees GAP to buy a few pars of undies and shirts and socks and stuff to stretch us across our trip. We're going to go buy more clothes today to make full worth our hopeful Brittish Airways compensation. That and we don't have any clean clothes. or toiletries. Other than that, great trip! We're tired and looking forward to getting our bags so we can start downloading pix!

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