We’re all Going to Die from Asteroids, Sorry;

Sometimes when I’m thinking about having babies, I think of first- college is going to be amazingly expensive for them and I’m probably not going to be able to afford it. Second- I think about all the asteroids we’re tracking and what if they’re alive when one of them hits and kills everything. I watch too much Discovery Channel.

If you think similar to myself, then you’ll like this website. You can keep tabs on all the near Earth asteroids and deem whether it’s worth it to have babies based on the probability of size / mass / destructive force = dino killing power.

The NASA Near Earth Asteroid Program

  • jennifer - wait. you think about having babies?! does tanya know about this? LOL

  • ian - yes! i’m trying to mate my dog and cat!

  • jennifer - AHAHAHAHA!! good luck this w/e at the wedding!! have fun in the bahamas! i’m jealous! ;]

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