The Petrified Desert Deathtrip 07 – In Color!

On March 2nd of 2007 Nick Congdon and Ian Grant will be taking a photo roadtrip to Petrified National Park, Arizona. We will be taking photos with our cell phones and live-tracking it with a GPS on Google Earth via a WBT-200 data-logger. We will be posting the tracking code on this site once the trip is done.

This page will be updated live from March 2nd 10:00PM – March 4th 10:00PM a bunch of times a day. The journey from Playa del Rey, CA > Petrified Forest National Park is approx. 597 miles through the hottest, deadliest, and most petrifying desert in the United States. Homebase will be in Flagstaff, AZ.

To watch the journey unfold [barring any unforseen cellphone blockage] go to:


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