The Diana Camera is Back!;

Folks, for you film shooters still out there you should be really happy- the Diana Camera is back [I still have my original one]. It’s being produced by some company called Unica and I can virtually guarantee they are going to make a killing on it. I mean, it is a crappy plastic body with a plastic lens- how much could it really cost? Back when I used to shoot film through this badboy I used to have to gaff tape the entire thing up because there were light leaks all over the place. I highly recommend buying one of these though, if you think a Holga camera is the coolest thing ever, you haven’t played with this amazing piece of work yet.

  • Jeff Sipper - nice… I bought a Diana a few years ago to play with.. got a good deal at about $25… shot a couple rolls of film.. thought ti was fun, but really didn’t use it as much as my Holga… threw it up on Ebay, and it sold for around $75… nice profit!

    Now, if I could only find a way to get a digi-back for my Holga!


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