Katie and Mike’s Around the World Wedding!

Katie and Mike

Katie and Mike are a really unique couple and it seems like they’re always off traveling somewhere awesome together! We even randomly caught up with them over in Paris a Christmas or two ago- they got to see our dirty selves after all our clothes were MIA for 20 something days.

With this, they decided [after a few failed staying-put attempts] to travel around the world for their wedding! That means like wear their wedding dress/suit around the world and have mini get-togethers with all their worldly friends. I’m pretty jealous. The great part is they hired us to come shoot their end of tour celebration over in Philadelphia! It’s going to be very cool, and Tanya and I are pretty excited to be a part of it.

Check out their wedding site to be inspired. The fun make-it-yourself weddings are totally the best way to do it.

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