I’m Back!

Susten Pass Glacier and Ian

Hello everyone!  I’m back from a wonderful little adventure over to Switzerland!  I was able to sneak a little vacation into our busy wedding season and it was kind of exactly everything I needed….well, minus the sick the entire time part.  That was ok though, it just meant that I needed to carry hand sized tissue wads wherever I went.  In a way it was kind of expected as I was doing major jumps in temperature and elevation almost daily.  In one moment I was at 11,000 feet, and then the next I was down to 2,000, but then back up to 4,000 to sleep.  I got on a crack of dawn schedule but found my body was giving way around 3pm every day.  I also found that there was no way I could keep up the ambitious schedule I had intended, so Gimmelwald became my home base and it was the best decision ever. Overall, I really can’t complain, it was awesome and I got some amazing landscape stuff to show off once I get caught back up with some wedding work.  Judging from the places I like the most it’s kind of ironic that I live in the second biggest city in the US.

HIGHLIGHTS [on a scale of 1-10]:

Eastern Switzerland-
• Lausanne [city]: 3
• Lavaux Vineyards [near Lausanne, UNESCO world heritage site]: 9

Bernier Oberland area-
• The Grimsel Pass [alps mountain pass near Interlaken]: 8
• The Furka Pass [alps mountain pass, Rhone glacier!]: 9
• The Susten Pass [best time ever, glacial playground]: 10
• Gimmelwald [cable car access only town, amazing home base]: 10
• Schynige Platte [area accessed by special railway- not a good idea in fog]: 8
• Jungfraujoch [not a good idea if you are claustrophobic, many many people]: 6
• Interlaken [good if you like cities]: 5

Central Switzerland area-
• Luzern [good for about 3 hours]: 6



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