I Found out Where my British Air Luggage Went!

courtesy of the daily mail in the uk:

British Airways has taken its baggage mishandling to new heights. As the Daily Mail reports, the airline has been off-loading its lost luggage (some 28,000 bags) to cheap baggage sorters in Italy thus elongating their vacations from their rightful owners. Italy being Italy, the bags, of course, have been left unsorted with many of them just being shipped back to Heathrow. Some have even stayed in the bel paese enjoying the pasta and meatballs. (Statistically this is probably true though we can’t furnish any proof, like ragu-stained Trumi roll-ons). BA’s luggage fiasco started on Dec. 29 when a baggage belt broke in Heathrow, fog happened and thousands of bags ended up pulling a Gilligan’s Island. BA further stuck its nose into the mess of its own make when it was uncovered that they’d been charging customers 3p a minute to call its baggage helpline. As the Mail notes, the greedy prick prize has got to go to British Midlands, another carrier, that charges callers to its baggage helpline a usurious 7.5p a minute. Shelling out that kind of sterling, I’d expect heavy breathing, dirty talk and an infant crying in the background.


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