How to Get Train Tickets Online in France

Since Tanya and I don’t want to rent a car in Paris [or more that we don’t want to drive in the city] we’re doing what good friend Rick Steeves says and taking a train out to Rouen and grabbing the car there. We’re also not returning it to Rouen, but Rennes down south so we don’t have to drive all the way back up there just to get rid of the beast.

This brings us to the question at hand, so how do you rent trains in France? Well, it’s actually quite easy. The French train reservation system is all in all pretty advanced, so you can look up train schedules in English, buy tickets, and then print them out all in your boxers somewhere over the pond in the states. Pretty cool if you ask me. To begin, head over to and enter in your locations. Paris has a bunch of train stations, so it will automatically know which one you should leave from- metros connect to all the train stations.

I’m pretty psyched, because on the way back from Rennes > Paris we’re taking one of the high speed TGV trains which are always an expensive treat. Those things fly the hell across the tracks [they go around 200mph] and are cutting out travel time back in half. I shall report back on the funness factor later.


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