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France Trip: Hotel Jeanne d'Arc - Paris, France [3rd arrondissement]

Dec 24th > Paris
Arrive in Paris

Dec 25th > Paris
Hang out in Paris for Xmas day

Well, prices certainly jump when you go from hostels to hotels. I think I paid around $20 a night when I was last in paris, and now to stay at a highly recommended hotel in the marais area of paris its costing us around 84. Thats alot of money, but split between Tanya and I it wont be too bad- especially staying on Christmas eve + day. Lets Go! book says its one of their 'thumbs up' deals so in my experience they're usually right on with their top picks, so I'll trust that. I think I feel alot better knowing we're going to have a place to stay when we get off the plane. Unlike all previous trips, having a place that isn't another 4 hours away makes me all cozy inside.

Hotel Jeanne d

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