Helpful Switzerland Travel Planning Links

Since I put in some serious Switzerland travel planning time, I thought I’d pass on some of the links I had bookmarked so others can make use of them too.  Some of the links work for other places too, so feel free to mix and match.  Enjoy!

Rick Steves Favorite Switzerland Itineraries – I love Rick Steves, and though his PBS shows are goofy, his Europe guidebooks are awesome. – Great headstart on finding neat locations to drive to [see next link]. – Once I find a prospective place to visit, I usually see what the area around it is like to see if it’s worth it.  Alamy is a great UK stock photo site and I have a few thousand photos on there.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites – I love UNESCO sites, and whenever I’m traveling somewhere new I always check their site to see what’s featured.  World Heritage sites are “cultural and natural heritage sites that are irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration.” Switzerland has a bunch. – Mappy is similar to Google Maps in the sense that it gives you driving directions, but it contains far better detail for Euro driving.  For instance it shows you what the road signs should look like, what towns you should pass through and at what mile markers.  It even breaks down toll payments and how much cash you’re going to spend on gas.

Swiss Driving Tips – This will help you from ending up in a ditch and people not finding you for a month.

5 Best Day Hikes in the Alps – I’m doing the Faulhornweg I think – Photos of various hikes, lets you know if 9 miles is REALLY worth it.

Lonely Planet Switzerland – Great photo gallery on the top of the page!

Swiss Backpackers – Great site for hostel locations all over the country.  Cheap accommodations! – Buy your travel books used and a couple years back- I practically keep in business.  Assuming a revolution hasn’t occurred in Suisse, you’ll probably be ok.  I discovered in my book buying that Let’s Go! stopped producing their Swiss guide in 2004, and it currently costs .75 used.  AWESOME!


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