France Trip: Hellos

bonjour from dinan france
it is cold here but we are alive. brittish airways lost our luggage so weve been wearing the same clothes every day and tanya smells especially bad. seriously 5 days sans deoderant. ive also not had a shaver so i have a nice rugged beard to go with my overall desheveldness. we are very hungry and they like to shut down the resterants till 730 so weve been rationing our usa graham crackers. yummmmm. when we get back were going to have to buy lots of new clothes as we will hqve to burn our current ones. byebye for now ian and tanya

  • Aba - Hi Guys,
    Wow – can’t believe they lost all your stuff – what a bummer
    Can you hand the cloths out of the car windows to dry?
    Enjoy Paris – and get something good to eat


  • katie - oh for christsakes

  • jennifer - i don’t understand? why can’t you eat?! did you pack your money inside the suitcase? and, i mean, i know you’re not in paris and all…. but there MUST be a place that sells deodorant and some cheap touristy t-shirts….and i sure hope your hotel has a shower?! lol

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