Hello From New Zealand!

Hi everyone!  Tanya and I are currently sitting on the west coast of the south island of New Zealand enjoying our nice honeymoon!  It’s summer here, so things are about exactly the same as they are in LA- maybe a bit warmer, more pleasant, air easier to breathe, and sun is out till around 9pm.  We spent the first couple days in Abel Tasman National Park up on the top of the south island after taking a little propeller plane down there from Auckland.  We did a random 8 mile hike for some reason and then took a boat back to the beginning.  The water there is perfectly clear blue and looks a little too nice.  That’s because it’s horribly cold and it dashed my great plans of going swimming all day and not hiking.

The theme of our trip so far has been bird attacks as for some reason we’re making them very angry by just being alive.  I have this great video of us getting stormed by this especially angry type of bird while Tanya runs away screaming ‘protect me Ian!!!’.  It’s par for the course for an Ian and Tanya trip.  Anyway, no major car breakdowns yet, so we’re doing well [oh and they didn’t lose our luggage this time].

  • Sarah - Ooooh, the west coast is so beautiful! If you can make it up to Karamea (an hour north of Westport) and down into the area with the limestone arches, it will be well worth your while! Most beautiful place I have ever seen!

    Also, I am well-acquainted with attacking birds:

    (taken near Christchurch!)

  • Sarah - Hm, no html allowed it seems, so here’s the picture link: http://i687.photobucket.com/albums/vv232/sarahdownundah/saddleback.jpg

  • ian - We didn’t quite make it up past Westport [we’re down in the south west now on our way up to Mount Cook] but I’ve heard great stuff about up there. It hasn’t quite made it to the tourist map yet too!

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