Getting Ready to Go / Mont Dol directions are hard to find;

Only 3 days till I'm off on my France trip, after all this planning and reading it's finally feeling like things are coming together! I have all my driving maps [Northern France Michelin map + various google maps of varying lengths]. The Google maps are actually the most helpful as I am able to get right down the the street level of these towns I'm going to. One problem though. We're going to this little town called Mont Dol which is near Mont St. Michel + Dol de Bretagne. I had booked a nice cute little farmland hotel right along the 'mountain' in Mont Dol, but in my google map searches, apparently there are no street names plugged into the maps. Thus it puts me off on this town near where Mont Dol is, but def. not where my hotel is. So we're driving a little blindly into that one. My hotel manager gave me directions, which I think I follow based on the maps around the area, but thus begins the real adventure of the trip- wow, this is going to be nuts.

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