France Trip: Rouen Rental Car- Booked!

I Finally booked my rental car for my France trip, but after even more searching i found a better deal than the expedia one. i went direct, and got it through which has an office right next to the rouen train station [which is how i’m going to be arriving from paris]. this will simplify things and let me not have to talk in french just a little less. so while the expedia price was $181 for the four days, hertz direct was around $145 for the same amount of time.

Hertz Rental Car Price in Rouen France

the other good update is instead of having to drive all the way back up to rouen just to return the car, now we’re simply heading down to rennes train station which should give us some more play time [and not crusing 200miles just to return a car].
France Map of Normandy and Brittany / Ian and Tanya

Here is our current route map with a hot Opel Corsa [with manual transmission and no A/C – sweeeet!]

  • Elissa - Hey… JPG Magazine.
    Thought you might be interested.

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  • ian - thanks! i like jpg magazine! i think it’s kinda like the jones soda contest though, it’d be really cool to be accepted but the sheer amount of entries they have make that pretty impossible. :( i’ll pass the good word onto tanya, thanks!

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