Drive Organizing

I’ve been organizing and backing up stuff the last few days after my previous backup drive met its end. Poor ‘Scam Drive’ [thats the name of my cat- somehow my drives are named after my pets] is getting replaced and I’ve been going through a lot of my older photos and snapshots going back to 2001. I’m a bit of a digital pack-rat and have 66 gigs worth of snapshots alone. Trying to back all this up is frightening coupled with the fact that I end up with roughly 26 gigs for every wedding that I shoot.

Anyway, where I was going with this is I found a great scan of one of my favorite images from back in the day, circa maybe 2002? This is from when I was living in the Netherlands and thought it would be a great idea to carry a Speed Graphic 4×5 around Europe. In retrospect, it was crazy but I got this awesome image of a newspaper seller in Madrid. The detail of this image is sick and thankfully got a really awesome high-res scan of the negative. Fun!

Old Man in Madrid


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