France Trip: Car Rental – Rouen

Since i’m going to need a car for a little less than half my france trip, i started trying to figure out how i’m going to make that happen. when i went to ireland i used enterprise, mostly because they were the cheapest/rented to people under 25. i also like them because not only did i get my car stuck in a ditch and broke the front bumper / ripped the back windshield wiper off, they didn’t charge me for it. now that i’ll be magically 25, i can have my pick of the bunch.

My good writer friend Rick Steves recommended taking a train out of paris to rouen, france and getting the car there. it really makes sense because not only do you get out of the muck that would be driving in paris, but it saves you a few bucks too instead of getting it in a big city. here’s what i came up with:

Paris Trip 2006 Car Rental - Ian Grant Photography

$38 a day really isnt too bad, esp. with unlimited miles. if you’ve ever seen me on roadtrips, giving me unlimited miles is a horrible mistake. the strange part about my research is i’m seeing huge price differences from the same people on various ‘car/travel search’ sites. i had the best luck on expedia this time. i’m also thinking about maybe dropping the car off at a different location- doing a huge loop back up to rouen seems like it would be a huge pain in the butt esp. with gas being $4 a gallon.

  • Madeline - Hiya, this is just… a note. I lived in Brittany for a year, and if you’re going to be bopping around, you REALLY should see Les Cotes Sauvages on the Southern coast of the peninsula. They’re incredible, absolutely stunning. I actually have a few pictures on my LJ somewhere in March of last year or something. Anyway. My two cents. Sounds like an amazing trip!

  • ian - very cool! i saw some picture of it on alamy, i’ll have to add it to my seemingly impossible roadtrip list! haha it’s going to be a great, really cold cold time. :) thanks for the tip! -ian

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