Brittish Airways Lost Luggage

Officially on my 13th day now without my luggage, I think it's still in London but no one really seems to know. I'm very interested to see how much money I get out of this from them- I guess the max for 'lost luggage' [it's officially considered lost after the 21st day] is around like $1300 or so. Frankly I would be quite happy to have a shopping spree with $1300- I would have a blast buying everything all over again so we'll see, it could be pretty interesting.

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  • Heather (bleuvalentines from LJ) - Heathrow has been on the news all week ... reports about angry customers with luggage lost since Christmas. They show video footage of pile and piles of luggage. I feel for ya'. That stinks! But all the BBC says in these reports is "Look at all the luggage! People are pretty ticked!" Nothing about how BA is going about sorting the problem! *laugh*

    Good luck!

  • ian - hahaha that is unbelieveable! hey i should break out the paper chain for that 21 day countdown!

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