A Few Videos…

Here are a couple jam-packed exciting videos from our little excursion to New Zealand.  It was really nice to finally have a honeymoon of our own, though as per the usual we had our share of interesting things happen.  Things like my poor Harinezumi camera getting committed to the wilds of NZ [ie: going lost], getting our hotel room taken over by bees on Christmas [right after said camera getting lost], speeding ticket in the middle of nowhere, and constant bird attacks.  It was like we had a massive attack target painted on us.  Nothing too traumatic on this trip thankfully, and there were plenty of cliffs to fall off, glaciers to freeze to, and rapids to get caught up in.

Tanya wrote a fantastic travelogue, so hopefully we can pull that together once I’m done editing these photos.  I shot around 2,900 images [100 gigs] and I got it down to about 1,300 picks.  Now I just have to edit these and make them look pretty, which shouldn’t be too hard.  In the mean time, here are a few videos starting with birds attacking us.  Sorry for the swear [cover the kids ears], as you can probably tell it was going for the eyes.

  • Photographe Mariage A - Loved the video! This blog is very informative too.

  • Mindy - Great vidio. Visiting New Zealand has been a dream for me and this makes me want to go even more.

  • ian - It’s a great little road trip country, but things are a bit farther than I thought- that and there are tons of windy roads.

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