2009 Roadtrip Title: The Sea of Death Tour

This weekend my friend Nick and I are heading off on one of our absurdly long roadtrips again! This time we are traveling from Los Angeles to a little coastal town called Fort Bragg in Mendocino County [about 3/4 up the California coastline]. We’re going to be camping at Mackericher State Park right next to the Pacific with potential wolves waiting for our tired bodies. From there we’re taking Highway 1 down to Salt Point State Park and camping there as well. Bookmark this page as I’ll be uploading camera phone photos from the road, I’ll have to keep a running tally of how many miles we do. Till then you can look at a picture of Riley and see how much he already misses me.

For a small sampling of previous ‘death-trips’ as we call them please see:
2007: The Channel Island Deathtrip
2007: The Petrified Desert Deathtrip [camera-phone updates]
2008: The Oregone Deathtrip [also camera-phone updates]

We’re probably going to be on the road and posting from roughly 2am’ish Friday – 3pm Sunday.


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