Switzerland: Trip Favorites


Trip Favorites

I realized today that I never did a photo blog post about my epic little Switzerland roadtrip I did a little while back [*cough* 2009]. There’s a running joke in my family that I either like or dislike a trip based on how the photos turned out…regardless of how the trip actually was. I remember this trip being awesome and full of sweet glaciers and fog!  In reality this trip in particular was pretty epically painful the whole time.

I managed to get sick right from the get-go and was constantly in a miserable state for the week and a half I was there…pretty much in a giant constant state of goo. I was also traveling by myself too so I didn’t have the usual reminders to eat, sleep, take a break. As usual I had a pretty ambitious trip planned and about halfway through it my body literally shut down so I basically holed up at the Mountain Hostel in Gimmelwald up high in the Bernese Alps [might be the best hostel in the world?] and just did day drives from there.

So I’m doing one massive blog post of my favorite photos from the trip, I hope you enjoy them.  I can’t wait to get back!

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