Alamy Stock Agency;

Ian Grant on Alamy Stock Agency - Channel Island National Park

The other day I got an email from the Alamy Stock Photo Agency over in the UK who I kind of forgot about for the past year. Back in the day I was pretty excited about getting accepted with them as I’ve heard a number of people had made good money selling their stock images. Unfortunately, getting your prints up and online with them was always as hassle as you had to a] interpolate your images up to 48meg tiffs b] denoise your images [this isn’t too much of the case now with my 5d] and c] send them dvd’s of your images to the uk, which got a little pricey. the best part was you’d do all this and then randomly they’d find a slightly noised image and reject all your images. Granted having a 12.8 megapixel camera fixes most of these problems, but back with my 6 megapixel 10D it was more of an issue.

So the point of the post is that Alamy is now accepting online submissions which to me is a pretty big deal. I’ve been going through my almost terabyte archive and pulling all my pictures that are on and posting them over on Alamy as well. It’s really pretty cool as one sale could easily be a few hundred dollars. Hopefully I’ll have my whole library up there in the next week or so, in the time being it’s mostly old crappy Ireland and Cinque Terre images.


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