I’m off to St. Kitts and Book Selling;

At the end of the week, I’m heading off with the girlfriend to some island off of the Florida coast called St. Kitts, basically a place where everyone goes to lie in the sand and drink free drinks. Well I plan on doing this, but I’m also bringing along a camera, so I should have some nice pics to go along with last years Cozumel ones. I’m also going to have a funny July, as a couple weeks after I get back I’m heading off to the Bahamas to shoot a wedding– so basically I’m going to be traveling and shooting a lot.

I sold another Roomkeeper book today, which was nice as I’m trying to get rid of the stock I have in my house- I’ve sold a bunch since I got them, and I have some fun postcards to throw in as well from my gallery show I had awhile back. This inspired me to make a section on my new iNationalPark.com site for ‘Artist’s Publications‘, basically anyone the site represents [only me right now] can post their books on there for sale. The AJAX really shines for it too, as you can flip through page samples and really get a good idea of what you’re getting for your money. Pretty neat I might say.

If I haven’t mentioned it yet, you should check out Shopify.com, which I’m using to host inp. Basically they have no hosting charges, take care of all the ecommerce and only charge 3% of the final bill. Totally a good deal, and you can use your own domain name, though today I finally figured out the CNAME garbage- which is what lets you kind of mask your name over theirs.

  • jennifer - my dear cousin… st kitts is nowhere near the fl coast! hehe in fact, it is mucho closer to south america! :]

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