Moving to Seattle

It was a few years in the making, but Tanya, Lily, and I have officially
moved from Los Angeles to Seattle.  Crazy right?

Moving to SeattleOver the last year of having Lily, it really make us look at our life together and what we wanted for now and the future.  We’ve been perfectly happy living in Los Angeles by the beach in our little nook of a town, Playa del Rey, but honestly neither of us could imagine raising little Lily there.  As much as we loved living in Southern California for almost 10 years, we knew we needed trees, mountains and forests, and a bit healthier lifestyle for this whole raising a child thing to work for us.  Even if that meant leaving our good friends and comforts behind.  So then we found the most completely opposite place of LA that the United States offered apparently [other than Alaska] and decided to move there.


What does that mean for your photography business?!

Oh LA/Santa Barbara/San Diego, did you think I could really ever leave you?  We’re still going to be traveling down to Southern California [*cough*] pretty much every other weekend in the Summer and Fall so if you’d like us to photograph your familywedding, or even take your headshots I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to schedule you in between weddings and whatnot.  Just drop us a note and I’ll give you an idea of our schedule.  We’re going to miss you pretty terribly.


Things that were perks for moving to Seattle for me:

3 National Parks within easy driving distance [I can actually see the Cascade Mountains from my window].  This was the most important one for me, as Olympic National Park [1,2] is on my top 5 parks list and it’s an easy ferry/drive from here.  I was very impressed with Mt. Rainier when I visited in June as well.  Glacier in Montana is a good, but doable drive away too which is awesome.

Tons of kayak access.  We live about a 5 minute walk from Lake Washington in Lake Forest Park.

American League baseball team w/ good stadium [even if they’re really bad, it’s still better than a National League one].

Clean air. LA has been killing me.  We call it detoxing for the first day whenever we go on trips because as soon as we hit fresh air we can feel all the yuck of the world leaving our pores.  It’s gross.  Lily has also been flagged for early asthma, I’m positive LA had something to do with that.

Forests.  You don’t even have to leave Seattle to find crazy big parks where you can get lost for awhile.  The route that takes me to Lily’s daycare every day winds through this canyon with a salmon river running right next to the road and you would never know in a million years you were in a good sized city.  It even has a 25mph speed limit [seriously, you’d die if you went faster than that].

The clouds and fog are amazing up here.  Seriously.  Rain so far hasn’t been an issue at all, it’s overcast significantly more, but weather is always changing and at least it’s not snowing all the time in the winter.  I can deal with 40-50’s.  To be honest, the extra fog from living by the beach in LA is what made me like it so much.

No personal income tax.  That’s good, right?

Significantly lower cost of living compared to Los Angeles.  Great, that can go right back into daycare, sigh…


Things that were not perks for moving to Seattle for me:


Megathrust Earthquakes


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