Magnuson Park

On our even continuing tour of Seattle’s local parks, we headed over to Magnuson Park located right along the banks of Lake Washington.   The University of Washington is right around the corner, and you can often see their sailboats right off the coast.  It’s a nice little place with shoreline trails and great water access if boating is your thing.  We did a nice little walk around the paths and since it had rained recently Lily saw this as an opportunity to play in its swampy goodness.

Magnuson Park

Seattle, Washington

17 Month old toddler17 Month old toddler

Lily loves flowers and nothing will stop her from snatching and stashing them in her pockets.

Toddler playing in flowersToddler playing in flowersToddler playing in flowersToddler girl in Seattle

We knew we were in trouble when little Lily decided to walk into the flooded grass, sit down, and then start digging in the mud.  It was surprisingly cold out, so I’m not really seeing the draw that she did.  It’s funny to think back on how she’s always been so obsessed with water, we had to stop her from licking her hands a half dozen times.

Toddler playing in mud in SeattleToddler playing in mud in SeattleToddler playing in mud in Seattle

Next came the puddles, and there were lots of them.  Time to jump and splash like a crazy person!  Granted this was much better than her usual water playpen- the pet’s water dish.  This child is probably immune to countless diseases not even discovered yet.

Child playing in a puddleChild playing in a puddleLake WashingtonLake Washington

Finally came the biggest puddle of them all and getting her back in the car was something of a chore.  She literally dripped of water from head to toe.  Time to strip down in the trunk, it wouldn’t be the first time!

Magnuson ParkMagnuson Park

Magnuson Park is a 350 acre park on Sand Point at Pontiac Bay, Lake Washington, in the Sand Point neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. The park is the second largest in Seattle, after 534 acre Discovery Park in Magnolia. It is located on the spot of the former Naval Station Puget Sound. Sand Point is the peninsula with Pontiac and Wolf bays that juts into Lake Washington in northeast Seattle.

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