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Ahh…school photos.  It invokes a funny nostalgia feeling in all of us.  As a child of the 80’s it brings back memories for me of laser backgrounds, ozone depleting hair spray, and of course fighting over comb colors.  It’s been awhile since I was in school, but with with Lily in daycare for most of her life she typically would get two photo shoots a year.  Two very canned and ‘why am I spending money on this’ shoots.  For most people it’s hard to find time to set up photo sessions for their families so school photos were the nagging reminder that they weren’t doing it and ‘here’s an easy way out’…even if they weren’t really good.  Lily’s photos were never good, and knowing I had a *cough* super photogenic child made it all the worse.

That’s why Tanya and I started our own Seattle Portrait Studio division, Sugar Cloud.

The idea behind our new venture is to provide boutique quality daycare and school portraits that parents won’t cringe at when buying.  We bring in high-end backdrops, flooring, and props that kids love and look great in front of.  It’s a different mind-set and when parents see their photos the response has been overwhelmingly  ‘Wow, these are actually really really good’.

We’ve been though the Lifetouch and Teddy Bear Portraits experience and the negative response towards school photos in general has been pretty justifiable.  That’s why we aim to change it!  Please take a look at our Seattle Portrait Studio site and see some of the school & daycare photos we’ve already shot.  It’s exciting territory for us and we’ve been having a great time photographing all the happy young faces!

If you’re a school administrator or parent who would like to bring Sugar Cloud into your Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma or Olympia daycare or school please contact us and we can chat about setting up your next spring or fall session!

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Seattle Portrait StudioSeattle Portrait StudioSeattle Portrait StudioSeattle Portrait StudioSeattle Portrait Studio


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