Seattle Product Photography: Kelp Designs

In going back through some of my old projects the other day I realized I never post on here [that’s old news] and there are some great little shoots that are sitting around collecting dust.  This is one of them!  It was a real treat when I got a call to come shoot some product photography for a great little company called Kelp Designs.  They are headed by a great creative individual named Katie who creates beautiful paper products like greeting cards, book notes, and wedding invitations.  I was brought in to show how great these things look in person!  I should note this is not their current line, and you should check out Kelp Design’s website for their current products.  Enjoy!

Product Photography

Kelp Designs / Photography by: Ian Grant [contact]

Product PhotographySeattle Product PhotographySeattle Product PhotographySeattle Product Photographer

Kelp makes really great and colorful products, but also eco-concious as well.  All of their products are 100% recycled paper as well as vegetable and soy inks for that great vibrant color.  Kelp is also located in Southern California and tries to source as many of their products locally to the state.

Seattle Product PhotographerProduct Photographer SeattleProduct Photographer SeattleStudio Product Photographer SeattleStudio Product Photographer SeattleStationary Product Photographer SeattleSeattle Photographer
Kelp Designs creates eco-friendly note cards, greeting cards and fun paper accessories in bold colors and classic patterns. All of our designs are crafted in Southern California using 100% recycled paper and envelopes, as well as soy and vegetable-based inks. Kelp Designs was founded in 2008 by Katie Hunt, an avid fan of beautiful design, bright colors and hand-written thank you notes.  we believe paper enthusiasts should have ‘green’ options without sacrificing quality and are committed to creating the most environmentally friendly paper products possible.

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