Hardangervidda, Norway

After hanging out up in the Lofoten Islands for a bit we caught a flight back to Oslo and started a giant loop around the south-central area of the country.  The first stop was Hardangervidda National Park which is a giant rocky plateau quite literally out in the middle of nowhere.  It's so out there that Roald Amundsen [famous Norwegian explorer] used it to prepare for his many arctic expeditions.



Photography by: Ian Grant [portfolio / print sales / contact]


A little info on Hardangervidda National Park:

The Hardangervidda is a mountain plateau in central southern Norway in the counties of Buskerud, Hordaland and Telemark. It is the largest such plateau in Europe, with a cold year-round alpine climate and is the site of one of Norway's largest glaciers, Hardangerjøkulen. Much of the plateau is protected as part of Hardangervidda National Park; it is a popular tourist and leisure destination for many outdoor activities. The region is divided administratively between the counties of Buskerud, Hordaland, and Telemark.

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