Los Angeles Family Photography: Lily at the Beach

Lily: 4 Months Old

The other day had a gorgeous sunset so we figured what better way to spend the evening then down the road at the beach in Playa del Rey [right next to Marina del Rey in Los Angeles].  It was a little windy but Lily seemed very interested in the sand and thankfully didn’t scream too loud when introduced rather abruptly to the ocean waves.  It also let me get out and do some playing with my new Canon 5D Mark III which was my photo present to myself [I get to do these things every few years when new ones come out].  Once the sun started going down Lily had enough and was done with this whole photo thing.  I’m pretty interested in seeing how she feels about growing up with a photographer dad, recently with the Everyday project she started giving this ‘seriously this again?‘ look with her eyebrows whenever it’s that time of day.  I think we’ll be able to look back on these photos and smile later, so I’m trying to pull out the camera as much as possible!

Photos Taken with a Canon 5D Mark III /  Canon 50mm f/1.2 L

I should say Lily is currently obsessed with chewing on people’s fingers, she doesn’t care who’s fingers they are as long as they’re in her mouth.  If you’re not paying attention she’ll grab them and before you know it she’ll shove them in her mouth.  Nothing else comes close and she makes these crazy happy grunting sounds when she’s munching on them [even at the beach].

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  • Kelley - These are beautiful pictures! Lily is so cute!

  • ian - Thanks Kelley!

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