Lily at 26 weeks

Our little wombmate Lily is getting pretty huge and Tanya and I are getting more excited by the day!  As of today she’s about 30 1/2 weeks developed and has gone from floating around and sneak kicks to constantly pressing against Tanya’s belly and giving nice little skin moving jabs.  I usually get in bed around 3am most nights and she sees this as the perfect time to wake up and do some baby womb dancing/boxing practice.  It’s pretty amusing.

Our nursery is coming together nicely and we’re slowly accumulating all those things you need when you have a newborn baby.  Since I have no clue what that actually is we’re taking a ‘what do you do with that kid once she comes home’ class at the hospital.  I’m predicting it’s going to be amusing, but Tanya just told me it’s going to be 3 hours so it’s most likely going to be brain freeze after about a half-hour.

Around 26 weeks I got Tanya an extra ultrasound appointment [as it’s kind of a lot of fun]  and we came away with a whole bunch more photos of our little friend.  Mostly of her sticking her tongue out and flashing gang symbols, but it was a great try.  You can even see her opening her eyes and looking around, pretty cool.  Only a couple months to go and we get to meet her!  So excited!

  • Jennifer Danis Carter - Ask Julia Nardelli Gross about her scootin’ leg – I think it started at about 30 weeks!

  • Ian Grant - What’s a scooting leg? I’m afraid.

  • Jennifer Danis Carter - She needed it to get out of bed towards the end of her pregnancy. Hysterical!

  • Julia Nardelli Gross - Oy. It was well past 32 weeks. It was really hard to roll over to the edge of the bed, and I pulled a muscle in my leg scooting over one day. I foolishly said that “my scooting leg’ hurt. But the story has been bastardized by some people :::cough Jeremy Gross cough::: to include a hill billy accent and moaning.

  • Ian Grant - hahahaha! That’s hilarious! Tanya has been starting the waddle, it can only get worse from here.

  • Rob - uhh… in that last picture Lily looks like an alien who wants to eat your face.

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