Life with Lily

Lily: 1 Month Old

I’m slowly getting caught up with my Lily posts.  This photo set we did back in December when she was only a month old, already busy making faces and up to no good.  It’s funny looking back on this because she’s wearing the same outfit as her dance party [which happened 2 months into the future] and she’s seriously swimming in the outfit.  Now she’s a pretty tight squeeze, but still super cute.

Photos Taken with a Canon 5D Mark II / Canon 50mm f/1.2

Lily’s favorite time of day is almost definitely bath time.  We had a couple bad first experiences in the whale tub, but after that we discovered she was more of a swimmer and wanted the full bath experience.  It’s been all smooth sailing since.  Granted this means we have to get in with her every time, but she loves to kick and splash the water around and float on her back.  Afterwards she gets her super sweet frog or shark towel and a face lick or two from Riley the dog.

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