Los Angeles Family Photography: Lily’s First Meal

Lily: 4 Months Old

Lily had her 4 month checkup [with shots & hello kitty bandaids!] and after we got the doctor’s ok it was officially time for her to get a taste beyond milk and formula.  Tanya picked up some rice cereal at the store and thus began her exciting adventure in palate expansion!

Photos Taken with a Canon 5D Mark III /  Canon 50mm f/1.2 L

I tried explaining to Riley that having Lily might keep him up at night some times, but he was the one who stood to benefit the most from having her.  Why?  Food cleanup of course!  Riley’s life revolves around food, so if there is some involved he’s interested- so he stood watch over the activities.  You know, to make sure everyone was professional and the food smelled ready for human consumption.

Lily has been super aware of everything around her in the last few weeks, she wants to know what we’re doing [or at least have an eye-line on whats up] and when we’re boring she yells/punches at us. Today she screamed at me because I took her away from looking at the hundreds of photo booth pictures on our fridge.  She’s also obsessed with television which is probably not a good thing, as much as we try and keep her away she contorts her body to watch.  It’s kind of funny.


Lily’s personality has been really coming out lately and after becoming impatient with our lackluster feeding skills she quickly grabbed the spoon and figured out how it worked on her own.  Too funny!  All was good until she started throwing it and then attempted eating the rest of the meal off her bib.

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  • jaana - oh my lord, that last picture says it all! fantastic

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