The Digital Harinezumi, my new favorite toy

This my friends has been my favorite new purchase as of late.  It’s called the Digital Harinezumi camera and it’s about as cheap as it gets.  The camera sports pretty much plastic everything, a joke viewfinder, and looks like an old 110 camera.  That’s where the fun comes in, this company called SuperHeadz which is based out of Japan designed this camera to shoot video that looks like your grandfathers 8mm film.  It shoots 25fps, so it automatically has a distinct film roughness and it also doesn’t shoot any audio.  SuperHeadz also color timed it so it looks a little purple, and has super vibrant colors at times.  Focus is questionable, it has horrible lens flares, and vignettes like nobody’s business.  Basically it’s the exact opposite of my beautiful 5DM2.

So with that, it’s going to be documenting our New Zealand honeymoon coming up.  When our future offspring see our memories, they’re going to think we grew up in the 40’s before the advent of clear vision!  I’m doing some good testing with it right now and actually bought a makeshift underwater housing for it the other day.  FYI: They just released a new version 2.0 camera which does record audio and B&W video.  Lots of exciting things to come!  See a test video with it below with our favorite neglected pets.


  • Heather Kral - Do you have any photo shots? That is awesome!

  • ian - I haven’t really used it much for the photos, it’s the video most people buy it for I think

  • Heather Kral - Well, the video looks awesome. What a nifty little thing!

  • Corso Fotografia - Absolutely amzing video camera!!!

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