New Zealand Trip Itinerary

New Zealand Map

I’m posting this so when I inevitably lose my luggage/maps I can always look back here.

Dec. 19th – Fly from LAX > Auckland
Dec. 21st-22nd – Arrive Auckland / Leave a couple hours later on propeller plane Auckland [north island] > Nelson [top of south island].  Go kayaing in Abel Tasman NP, sleep there.  Go to seal island and deliver message from Los Angeles seal island. [2hr]
Dec. 23rd – Drive from Nelson down to near Gremouth.  Sleep on beach / Look for penguins. [5hr]
Dec. 24th-25th – Drive from Greymouth to Franz Josef/Fox Glacier, see glaciers/look for lost hikers [3hr]
Dec. 26th-27th – Drive from Franz Josef to Mount Cook NP, look for more lost hikers buried in glaciers.  See icebergs. [6hr]
Dec. 28th-29th – Drive from Mount Cook to Te Anau, see seals/Milford + Doubtful Sound and tourists [hr]
Dec. 30th – Fly from Queenstown > Auckland on propeller plane, spend the night there
Dec. 31st – Fly from Auckland > LAX


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