We’re Going to Salt Lake City [or Utah at least]

Zion National Park

My good friend Valeri alerted me to a crazy deal Southwest Airlines is having, where you can fly to Salt Lake City for 50% off! In the past I’ve wanted to fly into SLC because there are a number of National Parks in that neck of the woods that I haven’t visited yet and have wanted to. All the previous flights I’ve seen from LA have been up around $300. Now, we’re going to go visit the weekend of Dec. 12th for the grand total of $133 round trip! What a sweet deal! This has actually turned out to be a great year for travelings even though I took a year off from going over to Europe- I should hopefully have my new Canon 5D Mark II by then and will be able to really give it a good trial run!

  • sharon - Your landscapes and portraits are fantastic. I do know wedding photos pay the bills…Keep doing the landscapes and portraits as that’s where you really shine. LOVE the postcards too!

  • ian - Thank you Sharon!

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