The Petrified Desert Deathtrip 07 UPDATE!

03.05 UPDATE: We’re back from the longest weekend roadtrip yet! We left around 10:30pm Friday driving all night and eventually reaching Petrified Forest National Park around 8:30 in the morning. We covered the park and then drove back to Flagstaff, had lunch and then drove up to the South-Rim of the Grand Canyon. On the way back we took in some of the balmy 17 degree weather and got back to the Grand Canyon Hostel in Flagstaff. We spent the night in a dorm room with two other Japanese travelers who knew how to say ‘wow, its really cold out’. On the way back to LA we stopped at Lake Havasu City and saw the old London Bridge which was a marvelous waste of a couple hours. In all we drove 1,430 miles in basically two days. Shortly I’ll be posting up a GPS Google map of everywhere we went. I had it set to record points every 90 seconds, so you’ll get the good, bad, and the ugly. Stay tuned!

If you missed the live updates, you can see all camera phone updates HERE


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