Musk Ox Farm, Alaska

Musk Ox Farm


On our way around the Palmer/Matanuska area we quite randomly came across a little gem of a place- the quite appropriately named ‘Musk Ox Farm‘.  Since we had no idea what a Musk Ox was we figured we’d go find out and signed up for the tour.  According to Wikipedia, a Musk Ox is:

The musk ox, or its ancestor, is believed to have migrated to North America between 200,000 and 90,000 years ago, during the Pleistocene period, when it was a contemporary of the woolly mammoth. It is thought that the musk ox was able to survive the last ice age (Wisconsin glaciation) by finding ice-free areas away from prehistoric peoples. The musk ox gradually moved across North America and arrived in Greenland during the late Holocene.

Basically it’s impossible to kill these things.  Musk Ox unlike every other lame animal survived the Ice Age by simply being more bad ass than the rest of the other wild beasts. While creatures like the Wooly Mammoth were out getting killed by cavemen, the Musk Ox was busy hunting and eating their children.  They love to be out in the snow and a -40 degree blizzard is nothing to them.  Musk Ox also love to play with 500 pound balls in the fields and think it’s funny to bust open their metal fence gates whenever they see fit….which is when they’re really pissed off [all the time].  The rest of the time they’re just building up rage in the fields and eating grass.

Here are some photos of Musk Ox.  Oh and Alex Trebek owns one.

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