Redwoods National Park

Redwoods National Park


About a week before I got married, I decided to take a week off from work and go drive up to Redwoods National Park on the Oregon border. It's one of my favorite National Parks, and has one of the best hostels I've ever stayed at. For $20 you can stay across the street from a gorgeous empty beach out in the middle of nowhere. Sadly this just feeds on my anti-social tendencies, but after a week up there where I could literally go the day without talking to anyone I was ready to get back to real life.

Anyway, so I'm trying to get caught up with personal projects while simultaneously editing my own wedding photos and this gorgeous wedding I shot at the Firestone Vineyards this weekend. Three great places with great landscapes- just the way I like it.

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  • Jen (crazylife99) - Great photos! What's your favorite area of Redwood NP to photograph?

  • Ian - I think my favorite place is the Humboldt Stone Lagoon- Every time I go there it's nice and foggy and there's no one around for miles. Maybe it's just the timing, but it's a great place. I'm going to post up more pics in a few, but on this time I went there was a seal hanging out on a log just watching me in the middle of the lagoon...there was also a dead beheaded seal on the beach- maybe he missed his friend.

  • Shaun Dunnigan - I would like to find out information concerning planning and conducting my wedding tentatively some time between February and April, 2011.

    Thank you,

    Shaun Dunnigan

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