Point Lobos State Reserve

If you’ve seen all my old posts, you probably know that one of my favorite places in the world is a little park at the top of Big Sur called Point Lobos State Reserve.  It’s a fantastic little park with very dramatic scenery, fantastic Monterey Cypress trees, crazy cliff overhangs, and the place where we got married back in 2005.

Now that we live in Seattle, it’s a bit harder to get back to Monterey to visit this great place like we used to.  Tanya and I started visiting around 2005, and made a good number of trips every year up to Central California- always making sure to spend a little time here.  I was lucky enough to shoot a Big Sur Wedding this past July, so I made it a point to stay close by and visit in between shooting duties.  The first day I arrived about an hour before closing and it had that great thick fog that I absolutely love shooting in.

Point Lobos Map

Point Lobos State Reserve

Photography by: Ian Grant [etsy store]

Monterey Cypress TreeMonterey Cypress Tree

These are always my favorite memories- sitting on one of the jagged cliffs overlooking the water.  Sometimes deer will come hang out [seriously] and eat grass nearby.  The park also has an amazing smell which I assume comes from the Monterey Cypress trees mixed with the ocean spray and it’s one of my favorite smells.

Point Lobos State ReservePoint Lobos State ReserveCliffs at Point Lobos
Flowers with Monterey Cypress Trees

This was a new area of the park that I hadn’t explored before, the fog made the experience amazing.

Dense Fog at Point Lobos ReserveSouth Point - Photos of Point LobosSouth Point - Photos of Point LobosSouth Point - Photos of Point LobosAllan Memorial Grove - Point Lobos, CaliforniaAllan Memorial Grove - Point Lobos, CaliforniaSea Stacks around Allan Memorial Grove - Point Lobos State ReserveSea Stacks around Allan Memorial Grove - Point Lobos State Reserve
Pinnacle Cove - Point Lobos State Reserve

Many of the trees have a strange red moss like substance on them which is actually algae.  The red is made by carotene, the same substance that turns carrots red.

Redd Moss on Monterey Cypress TreesFog at Cypress Cove - Point Lobos State Reserve

I came back the next day, only to see the fog way off in the distance.  It seems to come in around sunset in waves.  In the mean time, it was very bright and blinding.  The seals were out and sun-bathing on the rocks.

Whalers Cove - Point Lobos ReserveEgret at Point LobosWhalers Cove - Point Lobos State ReserveSeals at Point Lobos in Carmel, CaliforniaBird Island - Point Lobos Viewpoint

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