Olympic National Park Name Dispute?

Olympic National Park - Stock Photography Pacific Ocean at Sunset

via canada.com
An accident of geography and the Olympic movement’s zealous defence of its name have sparked a bizarre trademark battle that’s outraged a Washington state wilderness guide hoping to alert tourists — including those heading to Vancouver’s Winter Games in 2010 — to the wonders of the nearby Olympic Peninsula.

Jason Bausher, author of a new 64-page guidebook titled Best of the Olympic Peninsula, has spent his life exploring and working in the region around Washington’s Mount Olympus, a scenic peak west of Seattle.

The bewildered but unrelenting Bausher, 30, is refusing to sign legal documents sent by the U.S. Olympic Committee restricting his use of the word “Olympic” in promoting his book and guide business. “I’ve worked too hard for this thing [the book] to acquiesce.”
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